We recognise that firewood is becoming more and more common as our primary fuel for heating our homes. Partly because a lot of us do not have mains connections to gas and other utilities across Aberdeenshire. Firewood Aberdeenshire is one of the best and most accessible fuels that is on offer.

Firewood Aberdeenshire

At Latinnet we know that there is now an increase in demand for firewood logs. From various renewable heat incentives available from the government and also from an ecological/green view that renewable fuel is a far better choice. Firewood Aberdeenshire is therefore an ideal choice for many.

Logs for sale Aberdeenshire

We sell both hardwood and softwood logs which typically get used in many wood burning stoves and open fires.
We offer a variety of options in terms of volume of logs, measured by the cubic metre. Usually the best option we would suggest is for 5 cubic metre of kiln dried logs.
Included in any price quoted is free delivery for all Aberdeenshire firewood log deliveries. Get in touch with us today and we’ll happily give you a quote.

Quality of Logs

The quality of our kiln dried firewood logs is of the very best. Usually we have a plentiful supply of firewood logs ready for delivery as we continually have our kiln drying logs almost around the clock!
Our kiln-dried firewood logs are heated in gain containers here on site to a low moisture content. Typically around 15% or less. This means that the firewood will burn at a hotter temperature and for longer than an unseasoned log. The less moisture a log has (the drier it is), the easier the log will burn and therefore will be more efficient for all uses.
If you use our kiln dried logs for your fireplace, you will use less logs heating your home and also will be easier to keep the fire going.

Eco-friendly Logs

Our firewood is eco-friendly too because we source our logs from FSC approved forests. This means that they are as close to carbon neutral as possible. The carbon dioxide produced by burning our logs is absorbed by the new trees that grow in the forests, therefore you rest assured that you will be reducing your carbon footprint when you use our quality logs as fuel from Latinnet.

Kindling for Firewood Aberdeenshire

Do you need kindling? Probably. We have that too. You’ll have your fire started in not time.


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